Windows 8.1 is set to debut in one week flat. The latest and greatest version of Windows will be here next Friday, and you can bet the farmhouse that Microsoft is applying the final touches to the new OS right this very moment.

Speaking of touches, it is worth a mention here that the refreshed operating system is set to come with a brand new version of Fresh Paint — the popular painting app that has been a fan favorite ever since it launched with the vanilla Windows 8.

In fact, one of the first things we learned about Windows 8.1 (it went by the codename Windows Blue back then) was that it would arrive with this revamped app.

And now Redmond has highlighted the impressive new enhancements to the Fresh Paint app, confirming that the creativity app now offers an improved overall experience on a tablet:

“We’ve improved pen and stylus input to better work with pressure and the eraser (pick up a Surface to try out a great stylus experience). We’ve added the ability to save custom palettes, so if you have a favorite set of colors you can keep them handy. And, we’ve made dozens of other little changes throughout the product–such as adding the ability to import a painting directly from SkyDrive.”

All the options that were included in the test version of Fresh Paint (released with Windows 8.1 Preview) like watercolor, a new graphite pencil set, an updated interface and image filters make the cut in this final version of the app.

Users that are running Windows 8 will be automatically upgraded to this new version of Fresh Paint when they deploy Windows 8.1, the company confirmed.

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