Microsoft Highlights Windows 8.1 Enterprise Features At Analyst Meeting

Only weeks remain before Windows 8.1 is officially launched, and Microsoft is talking big about its upcoming operating system at every opportunity it gets.

The company has put a fair bit of effort on its upcoming OS — refining the core features and adding in a whole bunch of new ones. Enterprise is one area that has seen a lot of enhancements in Windows 8.1. Redmond wants to make sure it is the operating platform of choice for many, if not all, businesses.

And Kevin Turner, the chief operating officer at Microsoft, praised the enterprise features of the upcoming operating system at the financial analyst meeting yesterday:

“In 8.1, we’ve got some incredible enterprise features. We’ve got tremendous IT controls built into 8.1. We’ve got the ability to do remote data business removal. We’ve got open mobile device management available so you no longer have to have a server at your enterprise to be able to manage the mobile devices.”

Turner further claimed that the latest version of Windows offers a more user friendly working environment to go with some much enhanced controls for BYOD:

“We’ve got something called workplace join, which is very exciting. The ability for someone to show up at work with their own personal device, for them to be able to use workplace join, for the enterprise to be able to control the business data on that personal device, and in the event that employee leaves the company, loses the device, the corporation, the enterprise, has the ability to remotely wipe and clean the business data only on that device without touching, harming, or impacting the personal data.”

While Windows 8 has so far raked up a somewhat disappointing market share of around 7 percent in the first year or so of its existence, Redmond seems pretty confident that the first ever refresh of its operating platform has everything it takes to see business users make the jump to Windows 8.1.

  • Michael Paterson

    Wow workplace join sounds pretty slick.

    • Fahad Ali

      Sure does! 😉

  • Mr Bill

    Starting, ending and using Windows 8 is similar to doing your own taxes….Really sucks! Come on Microsoft; more than two clicks to shut down your computer? Have to go to a corner and wait for icons to come up to get the shutdown started? Reminds me of trying to pull my wagon full of hay with my lawn tractor!