Windows Phone is as much about end consumers, as it is for business users, and Microsoft seems to be driving home the point as the company gets ready to give its mobile platform an enterprise push.

The software titan is trying to attract companies and customers who need their mobile devices to be able to help them both at work and on the move. With just weeks remaining before Windows Phone 8.1 starts rolling out, the company needs all the attention it can get.

And this new Microsoft ad does a great job of showing how its new devices offer superior and secure business solutions for companies.

Boldly titled “Your next business smartphone is a Nokia Lumia”, the clip features three Lumia smartphones, namely the Lumia 630, 930, and 1520, and showcases the various business features these mobile devices offer.

Give the video a watch, below:

Pretty slick ad that highlights the most important business features in such a short time frame, including built in Office, Bing Maps, HERE navigation, OneNote, OneDrive and more.

Windows Phone 8.1 also brings VPN and S/MIME support that is automatically activated, to go with apps like Lync and Skype, along with features like MDM and remote management by IT administrators, making them a feature rich solution for businesses and enterprises.

Your thoughts on the ad, please?

In the comments box, below.

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  1. Good Ad

  2. Dominico-James Black Eagle Hod / June 19, 2014 at 2:13 pm /Reply

    Very good. Drives the point home.

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