It is remarkable to imagine the wonders of strong and sustained competition. Nowhere else is this more evident than in computing, where scopes and scenarios, quite literally, change by the week.

Skype may be the absolute powerhouse when it comes to VoIP and Internet communication, but it appears that Microsoft is considering making some of its premium features free for all users. In other words, group calling could soon be available completely free of cost to Skype users.

The reason? Why, Google Hangouts, of course!

Redmond is seeing increasing competition from Google, which already offers a group calling feature, and TechRadar is reporting that Redmond has hinted that it is pondering such an update.

A spokesperson at Skype was quoted as saying, as plainly as it gets:

“It’s something we’re looking into.”

The spokesperson also hinted that the platform’s premium service continue to perform very well at this point in time, with a substantial number of Skype users signing up for the paid options.

Skype Premium is available at $4 a month and over. And Microsoft offers not only group video calls to subscribers but also the option of unlimited calls to a country or region of choice. Premium license also brings group screen sharing into the mix and does away with advertising, among other benefits.

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