The shuffle continues. Bing represents a very vital piece of Microsoft’s long term future strategy, particularly now with Windows 8.1 and Windows RT 8.1 on the horizon.

And the company wants to improve Bing Maps as much as it can to make so as to offer the best possible experience to users that utilize the service on mobile devices like Surface tablets and Windows Phone 8 smartphones.

The latest is that the technology titan has managed to sign an ex-Google engineer that worked on Maps at the search engine giant to lead its Online Services Division.

Citing insider sources, TechCrunch writes that Microsoft wants Raj Shah to work on Bing Maps and other such related products. The company has already confirmed that Shah will join its online services team, though it has not provided any other specifics.

Microsoft is obviously keen to make Bing Maps a lot more competitive compared to other solutions in the market, and this shift in upper management is clearly something that is supposed to help the software titan reach its goal.

Shah, most definitely, will bring in some new ideas — some of which may help Bing Maps mount a challenge to competing services, particularly Google Maps.

At this point in time Google Maps holds the leading position when it comes to web-based mapping services, and the Mountain View based search engine giant continues to introduce new features and improvements to this service on a regular basis.

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