Computex is one of the largest computer and technology fairs in world, held annually in Taipei, Taiwan since 1981. This year’s expo is set for June 4 and June 8, 2013.

Everyone that is anyone in the realm of hardware and technology uses the event to announce their future plans and products as consumer interest is at a high during the week.

But while this year’s event is clearly the right moment for a lot of key players in the hardware industry, Microsoft seems to have outlined a different strategy for its upcoming products, namely Windows 8.1 and next generation Surface devices.

Instead of releasing some of its newest hardware devices and software solutions at Computex, Redmond plans to use its own events to introduce two of its most anticipated products.

The BUILD developer conference, scheduled for June 26 to June 28 this year, is said to witness the debuts of two products that are downright essential for Microsoft’s long term strategy — Windows 8.1 and new Surface slates.

And both are expected to be released in their final form by the end of the year.

Microsoft is planning to offer Windows 8.1 for free to all Windows 8 users, but the second generation Surface tablets are expected to come at notably lower prices, as the technology titan wants to stir up as much interest as it can in tablets powered by its new operating system.

Expect to see a lot of Windows powered hardware at Computex 2013 starting tomorrow, but Windows 8.1 and new Surface slates are due to make their appearance in San Francisco later in the month.

Agree with Redmond’s new strategy, which is in fact, quite in line with what other technology titans have been practicing? Share your thoughts below.

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