Redmond appears to have finally answered the pleas of several Surface users with these latest Patch Tuesday updates. A number of Surface RT owners have complained about the low speaker volume level of their tablets.

Microsoft listened to their feedback and addressed the issue with the latest Patch Tuesday updates.

A post on the company’s official blog sheds more light on the newest set of improvements made to Surface tablets. It also confirms that the latest firmware update increases the maximum volume of the speaker built into the device:

“Lastly, a firmware update has boosted the volume of the speakers on your Surface RT. Depending on what I’m doing I might plug in a headset or use external Bluetooth speakers, but day-to-day I do use the speakers on the device more than either of these.

The boost in volume is great for games, videos, Lync, and Skype calls.”

Users will need to download the firmware update using the integrated Windows Update feature and then apply it on their Surface RT slate.

Additionally, with the way most consumers use their media tablets, Redmond would do well to pay special attention to the audio in the upcoming models of its Surface slates.

The company is widely expected to unveil a second generation Surface tablet, one that is smaller and more affordable, at the upcoming BUILD developer conference. Building upon the experience gained from the first generation devices would only bode well for future hardware carrying the Microsoft logo.

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