Developers have surely become a priority for Redmond these days. Metro apps on both the Windows and Windows Phone platforms are a key component of the overall ecosystem, after all.

As a result of this, Microsoft regularly brings around new features for developers. The company has just announced that developers can now integrate Facebook login support in their apps — meaning end consumers will not have to create new account specifically for some apps.

This new blog post provides all the vivid details:

“For developers, seamlessly integrating Facebook Login overcomes one of consumers’ largest blockers to trying a new app: getting past an identity screen. Every step or interruption between a consumer and the task they want to complete creates friction and engagement drop-off.”

Long story short, Facebook login support means that users can login to an app much faster, using their credentials already stored on the device. They also get an enhanced experience with options like playing games with friends, sharing of high scores on Facebook, along with photos and other items.

Windows apps get support for Facebook login starting today.

However, Windows Phone developers only get a beta testing program for these new features, one that could last up to 60 days. Microsoft wants to take feedback from developers into account here, before formally rolling out the feature on smartphones.

Redmond also reiterated support for Microsoft Account (or Active Directory for companies).

Having said that several developers, including Foursquare and Adobe, have already announced that they plan to take advantage of this new method of logging in on their Modern apps.

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