Microsoft may have been late to the party, but it nevertheless has grand plans for the occasion.

The company recently launched the Surface line of tablets, but it seems that is actually the first of a bunch of hardware devices wearing the ‘Surface’ badge.

These mid-range tablets are set to be joined by the very exciting Surface Pro lineup of slates early next year.

Needless to say when they do, they will sit right atop the luxury tablet mountain, thanks in no parts to the ability to run millions upon millions of legacy desktop applications – everything from business software to old and new games, emulators, and pretty much the whole enchilada!

But that’s not the only pleasant surprise the company has in store.

Rumors are growing of another smaller 7-inch Surface tablet, designed for gaming in mind. Call it the Xbox Surface or give it any other name, but the idea of a smaller but much more advanced tablet that can run high-performance games is mouthwatering.

And lastly, insiders are pointing towards a Surface phone that will be added to the Surface brand. Industry sources are suggesting that Microsoft has already partnered with Foxconn for manufacturing the smartphone.

No further details and specifications are revealed, just the fact that this high-end device will challenge the very best in the market – namely the iPhone and Nexus smartphones.

If all these rumors are realized, that would make Microsoft one of the biggest players in the hardware sector, competing head on with the likes of Apple and Google in a variety of sectors.

Like I said, late, but still great – with the right ecosystem of hardware and software, Microsoft possess the perfect amount of potential and promise.

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