Windows 8.1 Update took flight yesterday, and this latest refresh of the Windows operating system is now being downloaded by consumers the world over. Many have already deployed it.

But if you downloaded it from the official links, or got the files via Windows Update, it might be just a little tricky to figure out everything that has changed. Luckily, Microsoft have rolled out a new video that introduces Windows 8.1 Update and what it brings.

This promotional clip is, essentially, an explanation how to use the new OS.

At slightly over 4 minutes in length, the video goes over the helpful tweaks that Windows 8.1 Update brings around, particularly for desktop users that still rely on their trusty old keyboards and mice. And unlike some of the previous videos that Redmond rolled out in the past, this one is rather personal.

It comes with narration, with the user going over many of the new options.

And he talks about using Windows 8.1 both via touch, and the keyboard mouse combination. The new context menu options are aptly highlighted, along with the taskbar with pinned Metro apps.

Windows 8.1 Update is currently being delivered via the built in Windows Update option in the operating system. You will be required to install all previous updates on your computer before this newest version can be deployed.

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  1. As we get more frequent updates, we are also fortunate enough to get these helpful and simple video clips to show us about the update. Technology working hand in hand is a beautiful thing.

  2. A really good way to spend 4 minutes if you got the update. It’s clear and easy with the vocal and visual instructions and details. I love these and hope they continue them going forward.

  3. Such a smart move. If they don’t make these videos, a user on Youtube would and he would make money off of them. Easy to understand and extremely helpful.. Just great.

  4. Bill Franklin / April 9, 2014 at 12:39 pm /Reply

    Not only is this great for users to learn about the update, it’s self promotion and marketing at its finest. Win-Win for Microsoft.

  5. I don’t get how any could dislike this. Great move all around and helps everyone. Customers get service. Company gets promotion. Harmony.

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