Boy, the activist agenda at Redmond is showing no signs of slowing down! Bill Gates has made Microsoft what it is, and it goes without saying that the man loves the company more than anybody else.

But while the technology titan is currently going through a major restructuring process, it turns out that some shareholders want to take the reorganization to whole new heights — by trying to push Gates to step down as chairman.

Reuters is running a story citing people close to the matter that three of the top twenty Microsoft shareholders want Gates out of the company. The investors obviously asked not to be named, but they are said to hold approximately 5 percent of the company’s stock.

And they have started to put pressures on the board of directors to let Gates go, claiming that the famed co-founder of the software titan still holds a lot of influence — influence that can, potentially, block the adoption of new strategies at the company.

Gates currently owns 4.5 percent of the $277 billion company, and is its largest individual shareholder.

He is also one of the members of the newly formed committee that is tasked with searching for and finalizing a new CEO, after Steve Ballmer made his plans to retire within 12 months official.

Nevertheless, the man is focused much more on his charity efforts around the world, and has denied on multiple occasions that a return to Microsoft is possible in a full time position.

The company has not yet issued a statement on this, but whether or not Gates wields power out of proportion to his stake in the company or not, this is the first time that major Microsoft shareholders have taken direct aim at Gates — who still is one of the most respected figures in technology.

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  1. If I was Bill, I’d tried to buy up some more stock, tell those guys “FU”, throw up two fingers, and head out the door. Just make the money and let everyone else deal with the daily fighting. I’d go focus on my charity and international work and being a spokesman for the value of technology.

  2. These shareholders that aren’t brave enough to give their names don’t desire our consideration. Back stabbing cowards.

  3. ungrateful sons of bitches…

  4. Rodney Longoria / October 2, 2013 at 4:11 pm /Reply

    “the famed co-founder of the software titan still holds a lot of influence — influence that can, potentially, block the adoption of new strategies at the company…”, DUH! Like, you know, keeping those bastards from splitting up the company to the point they each die out separately against the competition than staying strong together as one entity, eh! Short-sighted assholes…

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