Along with China and Russia, Microsoft is facing no small amount of trouble in South Korea. The country has outlined plans to move away from Windows to open source software.

The idea is to complete the switch by 2020.

CEO Satya Nadella recently made a trip to the country to meet local officials and discuss business opportunities in South Korea. However, it appears that his travel to the Asian destination has led to some very serious accusations in the local media.

Business Korea, for example, writes that Microsoft is a greedy company, getting greedier.

The publication accuses the software titan of being passive when it comes to employment and social contributions in Korea, despite enjoying a wholly monopolistic position in the country in terms of operating systems.

This, to go with the fact that Microsoft posted revenues of $574 million, without including the royalties received from sales of PCs in South Korea. And local employees? Only 480 compared to Oracle that has a workforce of over a 1,000, it is being said.

Microsoft currently owns 97.7% of the OS market in South Korea, which the publication claims is higher than the 89.41% market share the company has worldwide.

This is also recent development where the Ministry of National Defense was forced to pay Microsoft a total of $200 million in May as they previously used software without genuine licenses.

However, it is the fact that Microsoft has no plans to expand workforce that irks the publication the most. Then again, the pressure has been building for a while now with incidents like this, this and this.

Even good old Bill Gates was not spared last year when he made a trip to South Korea.

Where will all this lead to? No one knows.

But Microsoft will, it can be assumed, start paying more attention to this important Asian market.

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  • Damian Vansen

    If you want to see greedy companies, you just have to look at Korean one. I worked there for three years. I think this anti-Microsoft mentality is more an anti-foreigner and pro-Korean (Samsung, LG etc.) mentality

    • Fahad Ali

      Agreed. For many of these Asian technology giants, business is almost a matter of life and death. They take it very seriously in Japan and Korea.