Windows 8 is the future of Microsoft. It introduces a new UI that attempts to bridge the world of tablets and personal computers. It brings on the Windows Store ecosystem and helps push us away from the old start menu and desktop interface.

Still, not everyone is all that excited to jump right in. Some Windows users will probably wait it off, grab the last Windows 7 service pack, and finally switch to Windows 8 in a year or so. One problem with that plan – there is no Windows 7 SP2.

It seems that Microsoft is not planning to continue the Service Pack game with Windows 7. Even the ill-fated Windows Vista received two packs, though it could be argued that these were needed in order to transform it into something useful. Windows 7 will still receive expected updates for security and bug fixes, just no major service pack roll-outs.

Why? The first and most obvious reason is that they want to encourage as many users as possible to switch to Windows 8. Still, Microsoft has proven in the past that they are willing to support an OS for quite a long time after the newest version arrives, so this can’t be the only reason.

It turns out it might have to do with the cost and time associated with these service packs, actually. Microsoft wants to keep Windows 7 secure, which it will do, but it wants the vast majority of its focus to go into Windows 8 and even development efforts for Windows 9.

This whole announcement of not supporting a second service pack seems to somewhat go against Microsoft’s own business advice which tells users they don’t really need to upgrade to Windows 8 on all devices, instead suggesting side-by-side adoption for users that need the new features (touch, apps, etc) of Windows 8.

Are you annoyed that Windows 7 won’t have a Service Pack 2, or does it really need it? Personally, I love Windows 8 and am enjoying it, but there is nothing wrong with the Windows 7 experience. Sure there are bugs, but a full SP release just might not be warranted. What do you think?

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