Redmond has already confirmed at its annual Worldwide Partner Conference that Windows 8.1 is set to hit RTM status in August, with end users availability set to take place a few weeks after that.

But at the same time the company wants more and more users — both end users and enterprises — to try out the preview version of the upcoming operating system.

The software titan has now decided to give away Windows To Go USB sticks with Windows 8.1 Enterprise Preview already installed at the Worldwide Partner Conference in Houston, Texas, in order to ensure that more people deploy and test out the first upgrade to Windows 8 before it goes live.

Mary Jo Foley of ZDNet revealed in a tweet that many WPC 2013 attendees have received a Windows To Go stick that allows them the ability to quickly and easily deploy the Preview version of the OS onto their devices:

“MS handing out Windows to Go stick with Win 8.1 Enterprise preview outside the Windows value keynote session.”

A fair percentage of the people that attend the company’s Worldwide Partner Conference are enterprise customers, and this seems like a perfect way for the technology titan to showcase the features of its upcoming operating system to business users.

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  1. I want one too!

  2. FAKE – WPC is over and NO one is selling and NO one has posted proof they have one.

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