There is a distinct possibility that the bigwigs at Microsoft may have thought that they would take care of the software side of things with Windows 8, and leave figuring out the hardware to, um, the hardware makers.

It goes without saying this strategy did not go nearly as planned.

Redmond has on more than a few occasions expressed its dissatisfaction at the number of hardware devices that made their way to the store shelves after release of Windows 8.

Now it seems that the software titan has silently adopted a different strategy.

Talking to the Wall Street Journal, Acer president Jim Wong confirmed that Microsoft is now willing to support PC manufacturers on the market, and help them create high-end Windows 8 devices.

The dynamics are not exactly clear at the moment, whether this help only comes down to information and technical support, or a more hands-on approach. But this much is certain, Microsoft wants to get actively involved in the PC industry to make sure the fire of innovation keeps on burning.

Wong told the source that the Acer Aspire R7 — the convertible laptop that was unveiled last week — was developed together with Microsoft, quite likely in a joint effort to better optimize the device for Redmond’s newest platform, Windows 8.

And it does not only stop here. Acer has already joined Microsoft’s program to continue development of smaller Windows 8 devices that are set to see daylight later this year.

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