Microsoft is leaving CES but why don’t they compete with CES?

So by all accounts, CES 2012 will be Microsoft’s last dance at the event.

Whether it was by choice, by circumstance or a little bit of both, Microsoft will be focusing their efforts elsewhere.

I am wondering though, why don’t Microsoft host their own CES tradeshow-like event?

Yes I know they have several events they throw every year for developers and consumers etc but why don’t they create a huge conference for the entire ecosystem?

Between Windows Server, Windows Desktop, Phones, Tablets, Notebooks, Browsers, Search Engines and Office, there are a HUGE amount of vendors who would come to a MAJOR Microsoft event.

Think about how many Microsoft related vendors would spend their cash on promoting their products at this event?

If you look at the CES website, you see the categories of vendor they have coming to the Venetian in Vegas.

  • Audio/video
  • Audio accessories
  • Audio components
  • Blank media
  • Breakthrough technologies
  • Car audio/video
  • Gaming/entertainment products and solutions
  • Home information and wireless
  • Home theater/home systems, satellite
  • Home information
  • Home systems
  • Home theater
  • In-vehicle technology
  • In-vehicle information systems
  • Information technology
  • Photographic equipment
  • Portable audio
  • Satellite systems
  • Speakers
  • Telephony
  • The International Gateway (international exhibits)
  • Vehicle navigation
  • Vehicle security
  • Video hardware
  • Wireless accessories
  • Wireless communications

Microsoft is either directly or indirectly a player in every single category here.

Why not host a bigger production and have both Microsoft and non Microsoft vendors come to show off their wares?

Maybe it’s just me…