Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer yesterday announced some titanic changes for the Redmond based technology titan, with the intention of trying to make internal divisions work closer together.

Not only should this help with streamlining products and services that the company offers, it should also result in increased profits in the long term. As far as analysts are concerned, almost all are of the view that Ballmer has done the right thing by starting this reorganization.

Rob Enderle, for instance, believes that until now, Microsoft was just a company organized by Bill Gates. With this restructuring, Steve Ballmer has put his own stamp on things as he tries to move the company forward with the devices and services concept.

The principal analyst with the Enderle Group talked with V3 about Microsoft’s shakeup:

“I think this is something he should have done a while ago. For the last decade he has been running Bill Gates’ company, and you can’t do that, you have to make it your own.”

As part of this reorganization, Microsoft is set to migrate from the software concept that saw it become the uncrowned king of the operating systems market. The technology titan is set to release a number of important products before the end of the year

And from the look of things, this reorganization could not have come at a better time.

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