Well, you can’t really ask for more than this, now can you! Last week the technology titan launched a $50 discount campaign for Windows XP users that were ready to upgrade.

But while that promotion was good, this one is grand!

In a special price cut that should come in handy to many consumers, Microsoft is offering a $100 discount to every Windows XP user that purchases a new computer from its store or trades in their old one. This new discount campaign starts today.

And here is how the company describes this new promotion:

“Save $100 when you buy any Surface Pro 2 or select PCs over $599. Receive free premium phone, chat, and sales support for virtually anything you need on your new computer for the first 90 days”.

If you are ready to invest in a new PC, then this offers is worth a look.

Not only does it also extend to physical store locations, there are no more gift cards involved. Just a plain simple saving of $100 when you buy a new computer online or trade your aging Windows XP rig at the physical Microsoft Store locations.

This new saving deal is primed to end on June 15, even though Windows XP reaches end of support much sooner, on April 8. Now only if this promotion was also available at partner stores. Worldwide.

Wouldn’t that be something!

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  • Sally Black

    Not that XP users are a real threat to leave for Apple anyway, but this ensures that the vast majority will just upgrade to windows 7 or 8. Smart move by Microsoft and a good deal for XP owners.

  • Jake

    Microsoft keeps pushing this more and more forward. I think it’s brilliant. Keeps the customers intact and makes them feel like Microsoft cares about them. If I had XP still, I may just keep waiting to see how high the discount gets!

  • Ray C

    Maybe they should make it PCS over $499 instead of $599. I think a lot of people who are still on XP are cheap

    • Wayne S

      That’s a good point that’s seldom addressed. Some people don’t upgrade because they’re older and don’t want to learn new technology, but I’m sure a lot of people haven’t because they’re cheap or don’t have the money. Bigger discounts could help push them more.

  • Jason Claven

    I wonder if they’re offering similar discounts to the ATM customers. As the article I just read stated, they may switch to linux. I think a discount of some sort needs to be done to keep that business.

  • ECM2

    Don’t be a fool! Simply replace WinXP with the latest version of Linux Ubuntu. It’s free and it will make your dinosaur run faster than a T.Rex.

    • The_Norseman

      It’s not that simple. Unfortunately, industry wide support for Linux is spotty at best. For example, our company uses Sage 50 for accounting, which is the industry heavyweight for accounting software, and there is no Linux version. There are too many different flavours and versions of Linux and too few users for it to be cost effective for many companies to bother developing for it.

      Same issues with hardware drivers. While it’s much better than it used to be, universal support for Linux from hardware manufacturers is still a long way off.

      Getting wider support for Linux would require standardizing it but that would mean having some entity taking central control over it. That would defeat the whole philosophy behind it.

      I’m afraid, as good an OS as Linux is, it’s doomed to remain used mainly on servers and by a small group of niche users for the foreseeable future.