Microsoft Is Offering Free Lumia 630 To Workers In China Who Resign

Pretty absurd move, if true. Microsoft is indulged in a few battles with the Chinese government, and things have escalated quickly in the past few months with local authorities.

If the banning of Windows 8 and multiple raids on company premises were not enough, the technology giant’s plan to cut around 4,700 jobs at its Nokia handset factory in the country is enough to grab the attention of authorities.

Nokia employees even took to the streets last week in protest against these layoffs.

And in an attempt to ease the tension between the Chinese government and its business ventures in the country, Microsoft has said that it will offer some compensation of those that willingly and voluntarily quit their jobs.

This report claims that the company has decided to offer free Nokia Lumia 630 smartphones to people who resign, and these handsets are to be given on a first come, first serve basis.

So basically, there is no telling how many units are to be given away.

But that is not even the issue here — this new smartphone is available in the country for around 800 Yuan outright, translating to around $130. And chances are that this pitiful attempt at calming the conflict will probably have little positive effect on these employees.

Maybe some higher remunerations (in cash) would have helped these factory workers, making this whole ordeal a bit more bearable for all parties involved.

What do you think?

  • Ray C

    Just offer them 6 months salary and some devices