Cost has often been cited as one of the main factors that is prohibiting Windows XP users from upgrading to a newer version of the platform. Costs from hardware and software, both.

And while some expected Microsoft to run a lengthy discount campaign for the user base of its old operating system, the company is not quite ready to offer either Windows 7 or Windows 8 at deeply discounted prices.

Redmond has, however, just rolled out a new promotion exclusively for Windows XP users.

This is not a direct price cut, but one that offers users news PCs running Windows 8.1. All you have to do is purchase a new computer from the Microsoft Store to receive a $50 gift card, 90 days of free support, along with access to the data transfer solution from Laplink.

But that’s not all. The devices also get some big price cuts.

The company is also offering $50 discounts for laptops, $70 for tablets and up to $300 for all-in-one machines, making this new campaign rather exciting — at least for those that are in the market for a new PC to replace their Windows XP machine.

A Dell Venue 8 Pro tablet for $229, you say? The HP ENVY Rove TouchSmart All-In-One with a fourth generation Core i5 processor and 20-inch touchscreen for just $699?

Sign me up, Scotty!

Hit the link above to check out this special campaign at the official Microsoft Store website.

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  • Sally Black

    Not that this isn’t a good idea, but it’s clear how desperate windows is to get rid of XP users. I think its a good promotion and a fair one, but they better hope people listen.

  • Jake

    Are they going to offer group discounts? I’d think businesses are still the main users of xp. I wonder if they have bulk discounts for those situations.

  • Emily W

    Everyday, it’s becoming more and more clear that Microsoft is mandating GET RID OF XP at all costs. Will see how successful this discount is for them.

  • Ray C

    They definitely need to do this and probably do even more for businesses and government sectors still on XP. They need to offer big discounts on either 8.1 or the hardware itself. I think part of that 90 day support should be trying to find out what the old software is people are still holding on to. But I honestly believe that only 20% of the people on XP have valid obstacles to upgrading. I’ve seen some large groups that are still on XP. Many of them have hardware that can also be upgraded. Also, many times not all their systems are running old software applications. For example there might be a couple systems in their inventory that run a certain program and store data or serve up services using an old application, but the majority of their employees aren’t actually running anything on the systems that access this that require an older OS or browser. They’re not upgrading any of their systems when only a handful of them need the old OS. Many times only managers and administrators even have access or the responsibility of using some of these applications or services, so why are employees who are basically doing nothing but running standard applications and going to a browser to access certain applications still on an old OS?