Hardware is tough, tough business, and Microsoft is finding this fact out with each passing month. Making wholesales changes in software is not always the easiest of things, but hardware is a totally different ball game.

Take the Surface Pro 2 tablets, for instance.

The company upgraded the CPU in the deluxe slate in January this year. Back in October 2013, when the tablet first launched, it came with a 1.6GHz Core i5-4200U processor that was well and truly optimized for longer battery life as well as increased performance. But this new CPU promised even more gains.

And yet three month in, the old models are still being shipped to buyers.

This story has a British Surface buyer revealing that despite assurances that customers are provided with the upgraded models, the ones housing the 1.9GHz Core i5-4300U CPU, Microsoft is still selling the previous variant of the tablet with the original processor.

The buyer said that he was confirmed the availability of the new tablets very soon when he bought the Surface Pro 2 the first time, but one month later Microsoft delivered the same model again:

“So, on 6 February, I made the venture again and called Microsoft. Again I asked which processor was in the Surface Pro 2, and again I was absolutely assured that it was the i5-4300. I purchased one, and you already know the outcome of this: I received another Surface Pro 2 with an i5-4200 processor!”

Now admittedly, Microsoft does not offer too many details on its online store regarding this.

The website only makes it clear that all tablets come with the fourth generation Intel Core i5 processor, but this instant upgradability is one of the strongest points of the Surface Pro tablet. Chances are that the company still has some of the original stock laying around.

That, or the newer models with the upgraded processors are still to arrive.

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  • Ray C

    Were these always produced?

  • Stephan Berger

    Maybe they are selling their stocks.. (need space in docks for the surface pro 3 ! 🙂 ) Any news (or rumors) about the surface pro 3 ? When can we expect some ?

  • Wayne S

    Just to get this straight, the slow processors are being randomly shipped to buyers and not based on an option they chose? For instance, there’s not a cheaper/slower hardware option or is there?

  • Emily W

    Brutal for the Microsoft image here! They shouldn’t be selling these anymore under false pretenses, especially because of the publicity it’ll get like this.