If it’s not already there, Redmond’s cloud storage solution is fast becoming one of the most key factors of the true Windows experience. The software titan has (and is) integrating SkyDrive features into the Windows operating system.

And the close cooperation between both products is set to be one of the highlights of Windows 8.1.

But now it seems that the SkyDrive is up for a name change — and soon. As we just reported, Microsoft has opted to change the SkyDrive service, not just in the UK but all over the world.

The company lost the trademark battle back in June in a UK court. Pay TV provider BSkyB claimed that the SkyDrive name infringed on its registered brand. Microsoft will not appeal the ruling, although initially the company said it would.

The Verge notes that the settlement between both companies also includes some financial features, but details have been, as usual, kept confidential. Microsoft said in a statement:

“We’re glad to have resolution of this naming dispute, and will continue to deliver the great service our hundreds of millions of customers expect, providing the best way to always have your files with you.”

BSkyB says that it will allow Microsoft to keep the name for a reasonable period of time while the company comes up with a new name. No idea on how long this reasonable period of time is, and how long Microsoft has been given — but expect it to completely rebrand the service to something new.

This is the second notable trademark dispute that Microsoft has been on the losing side of in recent times. The first one was, obviously, the Metro name that the software titan was calling its new UI.

News Corporation, the parent company of BSkyB filed a lawsuit against Microsoft all the way back in 2011, claiming that it held the trademark on the “Sky” name.

So what should it be called now? Windows Cloud? Something even more creative? If you have a name on your mind, share it in the comments and let the world know.

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  • Arnold

    Cloud RT

  • Steve Callison

    I think we should have sent a boat full of tea up the River Thames and dropped it in their harbor… Microsoft should keep the SkyDrive name!

  • John

    That is crazy.

  • Peter Crook

    Outlook Drive

  • David Farris

    claiming that it held the trademark on the “Sky” name.” Holy shiitake. Apple with the i trademark, these douches with the Sky trademark. Trademark and Patenting needs an enema, unless that is a trademark violation.