Microsoft Lauds Windows 8.1 Usage On A Wide Variety Of Devices

Redmond may have gone with a one-size-fits-all approach for its modern operating platform, but while the newer versions of Windows are already optimized for touch based usage, Windows 8.1 comes with a number of improvements for desktop users.

And this is exactly what the company is highlighting in its latest post on the Windows Experience Blog, claiming that the new operating system is the right choice, no matter the device it is used on.

Windows 8.1 plays great with touch, mouse and keyboard, Microsoft says, and does not actually make a PC awkward to use — instead it feels natural and increases productivity on a desktop computer:

“Windows 8.1 is great for touch screens, but it still feels totally natural to use a mouse and keyboard, too. They all work in harmony to make using my PC feel more effortless than ever before.”

Touch, for obvious reasons, is also brought into the spotlight in this new piece, as Microsoft continues to bet big on several touch enabled devices that are slated to hit store shelves in the coming weeks:

“I’ve found adding touch brings a whole new dimension to how comfortable I am when using my laptop. I’m usually lying around being lazy when I use it like a tablet, so it feels very natural to just reach out and touch the screen to scroll through a webpage or thumb through a document I’m reading.”

Microsoft’s newest operating system, Windows 8.1, hit general availability on October 18, and now comes installed on a number of devices — both from partners and the company’s own second generation Surface tablets.