Microsoft Launches New Browser Game Escape From XP

You may have heard of Escape from Alcatraz, and Escape from Witch Mountain, but there is a title that trumps them both. Escape from XP is a free new browser game from Microsoft.

The company pulled the plug on the ancient operating system a couple of days back.

And now, in a bid to encourage users to move to a newer operating platform, Redmond has put up a game called Escape from XP that tasks players with the elimination of Windows XP PCs, Recycle Bins, and other such vintage items.

This is a sublimely crafted game, and after a somewhat heavy download, you are greeted with a dusty old monitor, the Windows XP boot screen and then the familiar old desktop.

Mayhem ensues soon afterwards, however.

Essentially, a showcase of the capabilities of modern operating systems (and web browsers), Microsoft is using this to highlight just how capable the newer versions of Internet Explorer are.

Even Clippy makes an appearance in this nostalgia heavy game.

Hit up the link above to try it out, and make sure you post your high score here in the comments.

Now if only they make a full 3D shooter next, something in the form of Doom, Quake or Unreal Tournament. That would be quite something, oh it would be quite a trip.

  • Ted Smith

    Haha. It’s a nice way to have a sense of humor about the message they are trying to convey. I think most people will laugh, although some XP loyalists may be upset by this .

  • Jake

    Hilarious. Hopefully the people clinging on to XP still realize how silly they’re being.

  • Sally Black

    Too funny. Microsoft playing along. I need to download this and try it out.

  • Bill Franklin

    Classic! So in your face and blatant it works. If you’re on XP still and have a choice to change, WAKE UP!

  • Jason Claven

    As is the general consensus, this is awesome. You have to love that Microsoft is embracing this “issue” and poking fun at XPs age. Love it.

  • Wayne S

    Thanks for sharing this! Absolutely amazing. I am downloading this as we speak. Love this concept.