Microsoft Launches New Scroogled Campaign Targeting Apps

Microsoft Launches New Scroogled Campaign Targeting Apps

It is never a bad sight when promises are kept. Microsoft recently promised that its Scroogled campaign was just heating up, and it will soon launch a new attack on the Mountain-View based search engine giant.

First it was Google’s shopping service, and then came Gmail. Now apps take the spotlight.

Redmond has just updated its Scroogled website with new details of its anti-Google efforts, this time targeting the very heart of Android, the apps available for the mobile platform.

Microsoft’s claim:

“When you buy an Android app from the Google app store, they give the app maker your full name, email address and the neighborhood where you live. This occurs without clear warning every single time you buy an app. If you can’t trust Google’s app store, how can you trust them for anything?”

Yeah, just how can you?!

The new campaign aims to show that Google shares the personal information of the users with app makers, which Redmond believes is a violation of privacy rights. This obviously will not be the last attempt by Redmond, so expect something similar in the future. Soon!

Importantly though, Microsoft (along with other mobile phone manufacturers) has just recently filed an EU antitrust complaint against Google’s Android dominance saying that Google uses the Android mobile operating system to promote its services like YouTube and Google Maps.

Yup, the war has only just begun. Stay tuned.

  • Jack Shofner

    I would like to point out the Comes vs. Microsoft antitrust lawsuit that was in Iowa. Microsoft plays dirty as well!

  • Mitonline

    Go go Microsoft…