Microsoft sure is quick to launch dedicated websites. Not that it’s a bad thing. In fact, this one was pretty much essential considering just how many users and businesses are still on Windows XP.

If there is one thing Redmond would like to see dead, it’s Windows XP.

The 11-year-old operating system is still going strong, with latest numbers revealing that it is the second most popular OS in the world, going by the number of connected computers it powers — makes one dread to think about the unconnected ones.

But anyway, cold hard statistics show that Windows XP still commands a place on more than 38 percent of PCs worldwide. And this is a figure Microsoft would love to see decimated as less than a year remains.

As part of its efforts to let everyone know that the vintage OS will soon be discontinued, Microsoft has just launched a new website that provides users with information on the transition to a newer version of the operating system.

It comes with plenty of details about scary risks of sticking with Windows XP after the deadline. As the company explains:

“The security and privacy implications of this event could have significant impacts on your business, so if you’re running either of these products you should plan to take action soon.”

Quite unsurprising is the fact that Microsoft is using the page above to promote Windows 8 as well, as this is the version of Windows that Redmond hopes most people will choose.

The special website also invites businesses to purchase the latest operating system along with Office 2013 at a special promotional price until June.

Redmond goes onto explain that using Windows XP after the deadline will lead to security risks and software issues, while the latest Windows 8 has all it takes to keep documents and emails safe and secure. The new operating system, according to the company, also offers more productivity.

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