With two of its most important milestones now ticked, Redmond now has new operating systems out in the wild, along with the second generation Surface tablets that are alive and kicking.

And now comes the fun part — the marketing blitz to promote both these product lineups.

Microsoft has just debuted ‘One Consumer’, its new advertising campaign that focuses on the company’s focus on unity of design, devices and services. The company is utilizing user testimonials from users to exemplify how Windows 8.1 optimizes the working environment.

The company’s tagline for this new campaign is ‘Honestly’, and the emphasis is on the opinions of consumers that are already using Windows 8.1 and devices powered by the new operating system.

Here is a selection of the testimonials used:

“Honestly, I don’t love change. But the new Windows has all the stuff I love and more.”

“Honestly, I needed a laptop and a tablet. And now with my Windows 2 in 1, I’ve got both.”

Similar testimonials have also been put up on the company’s online store, and are used to showcase the main features of the new operating system, and how Windows 8.1 addresses and accommodates consumer feedback. One of the statements posted reads:

“The new Windows still has your familiar desktop and Start button and works with stuff you already have like printers and cameras. Plus it’s got new stuff like Bing Smart Search so now you can search the cloud, apps, and the web all in one place. Windows tablets just do more.”

The latest operating system does come with several features that were requested by users soon after the launch of Windows 8, particularly by fans of the desktop environment. Things like the returning Start button, skip the Start Screen and boot directly to desktop are now part of the latest OS.

And with Windows 8.1 now available worldwide, along with Surface tablets in 21 countries, Microsoft will only ramp up its marketing and promotion leading into the important holiday shopping season.

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