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Microsoft Research is at it again. They have developed a photo sharing app that goes by the name of Xim, and lets you share your images with anyone in a rather interesting fashion.

The twist being that the people you are sharing with don’t need the app to view the photos, and additionally, you get to control their experience. It works for anyone that uses a Windows Phone, Android or iOS device, which pretty much makes it everyone.

At its very core, Xim is basically a more elaborate slideshow of sorts.

Designed by the FUSE Labs at Microsoft Research, which aims on delivering new social, real time and media rich experiences for home and work, this new innovation makes it possible to quickly send a particular picture to one of your contacts.

They can then see the file on their device, not yours — essentially saving you from what Microsoft calls oversharing your photos.

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Xim can not only select a photo from the gallery on your smartphone, but also access your images from various other online sources including OneDrive, Instagram and Facebook. Once selected, you can pick the people that will receive the images.

This is how Microsoft describes the application:

“Perfect for moments like dinner with friends, Microsoft Xim is simply a better way to share because you don’t have to pass your phone around to people. When you xim, the photos will appear synchronously on everyone’s devices even if they don’t have the app. And, Xims expire after a little while so you’re not burdened with storage or management overhead.”

Sounds like a neat concept, and better yet, Microsoft has released the Windows Phone apps alongside the Android and iOS versions this time around.

You can grab them all from here.

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