Or what is actually termed as the final round. More depressing news, but we just had the latest round of Microsoft layoffs with the company releasing hundreds of employees across the globe.

These are, of course, part of the 18,000 or so job cuts that were announced last year.

Back when Microsoft completed the takeover of Nokia’s devices and services unit, with CEO Satya Nadella revealing that these firings would take place within the next 12 months in very much every department of the software giant.

And as this report reveals, the company quietly let go hundreds of workers this week, in order to finalize the layoff plan within the said timeframe.

Details and figures are, obviously, missing right now.

But word is that the company’s IT department has been hit the hardest, with a company spokesperson confirming that a large number of these employees were working at the Redmond headquarters. Redundancy and all that.

This is what Nadella said in a memo announcing this reorganization plan on July 17 last year:

“We will offer severance to all employees impacted by these changes, as well as job transition help in many locations, and everyone can expect to be treated with the respect they deserve for their contributions to this company.”

Microsoft, of course, had set a June deadline for this process, and even though this is sad news, let’s hope it is the final we hear of this.

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  • Ray C

    Microsoft really has needed to shrink for some time now