The search for the most valuable brands in the United States this year has just reached its conclusion, with Microsoft landing a podium finish as it continues its transformation into a devices and services firm.

Despite some very notable changes coming to its product lineup in the recent past, the company remains one of the most valuable brands in the country — only Apple and Google are up top, with both having managed to significantly increase their value this past year.

As this research published by the Brand Directory shows, Redmond is the third country in this list, with a brand value of $62,783 million. Take a look:


Apple is placed in first with $104,680 million, while search engine giant Google was declared the runner up with $68,620 million, not too far away from the numbers Microsoft ended up with.

Microsoft’s brand value has been on the rise recently, buoyed by the change of direction, new management, and an increased emphasis on cloud, server and enterprise software. If this keeps up, the company just might earn a silver medal here in this ranking in the very near future.

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  • Emily W

    Wow! I cannot believe Apple has that big of a lead over Google! I figured it’d be closer. On the other hand, Microsoft has a decent lead over Verizon and could possibly catch Google with a good year! I’ll keep an eye on this.

    • The_Norseman

      I can believe Apple is ahead by so much. It’s because of their particularly nasty business practices when it comes to dealing with suppliers, distributors and software authors. Additionally, did you ever wonder why they’re so reluctant to release an iPhone with a bigger screen when pretty much all the other phone makers have them now? Think about it. How many iPhone users do you know who also have an iPad? Why do you think that is? I’ve heard it over and over.

      “I got an iPad because I can’t do anything on that tiny screen on the phone.”

      They also keep most of their money offshore to avoid taxes. Apple is not the angelic company so many people think they are.

  • Ted Smith

    3rd is nothing to sneeze at, but Google and Apple are separating themselves further over the last few years, so Microsoft needs to start competing on their level! Let’s see what they have in store.

  • Wayne S

    How do they measure brand value? Is it simply on sales or does it also take into account notability and popularity in other ares?

  • Ray C

    I guess we shouldn’t be surprised by Apple, since they continue to sell overpriced and over-hyped products, but I do expect them to be knocked off sooner or later. Microsoft could probably catch Google with no problem

  • Bill Franklin

    Apple is nearly doubling everyone else at this point. Impressive to say the least. I am curious to see the formula that determines this though.