Redmond is in need for a new name for its SkyDrive cloud storage service. The company settled a trademark dispute with British broadcaster BSkyB in summer.

Insiders, at that time, hinted that Microsoft was allowed to keep using the SkyDrive name for a reasonable period of time in order to orderly transition to a new brand name. Now it seems like that moment is fast nearing.

According to a new report, the technology titan has already purchased some new domain names that either provide a hint on the new name of SkyDrive or are just a smokescreen for a different name.

So far names like BingDrive and FetchDrive have floated up — both of which resolve to SkyDrive.

What is not clear for now is whether Microsoft would pick either of these two, or the company is just testing them out. BingDrive, in many capacities, makes more sense than FetchDrive. But one can also hope that moving away from the ‘Drive’ designation may also be on the agenda.

Still, the Bing moniker does make some level of sense.

Microsoft has already created a whole bunch of Bing apps and integrated them with Windows 8.1. And while the SkyDrive team is different than the Bing team at Redmond, giving the cloud storage service a name like this could end up popularizing both services at the same time.

File this under rumors for now, but expect some more details soon.

In the meantime, do tell what you think about the BingDrive name. Is it something that you see Microsoft using? Or do you have a better suggestion? Comment away!

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  • Ray C

    BingDrive? Maybe it makes sense, but that name is not catch at all. Maybe if you’re going to use Bing in the name drop drive from the name. Call it BingSomethingelse. BingDrop. SkyBing or some other variation of Bing that sounds more catchy.

  • 1stkorean

    BingDrive? FetchDrive? OH Please those names SUCK! Surely with all those highly paid people at MS they can’t come up with something catchier and more creative that those.
    Think about it where are the clouds? If Drive HAS to be in the name, How about,
    1. OverDrive
    2. HighDrive
    3. CloudDrive
    I am sure I could come up with others but I am not paid to do the work for MS, and get nothing for it.

    • Ray C

      i like the idea of some variation of OverDrive or some hyperdrive Superdrive sounding type name. I wouldn’t mind HighDrive, since it almost sounds like SkyDrive. Just out of spite, they should pick a name that almost sounds like SkyDrive SkypeDrive lol

  • David Farris

    Naming things is much more difficult when you can’t just slap a “i” in front of everything.