The classy Microsoft logo is now going to be a norm on new smartphones, as we have official confirmation that Microsoft Lumia brand is now going to be used.

Along with the reality that the Nokia name is on the way out.

Redmond made it official in a blog post, which is actually an interview, revealing that the changes will take place over the course of several months. However, the famous Nokia brand will not completely disappear — it will be continue to be used for the devices that are already on the market.

Until they are phased out and replaced with newer ones.

Same goes for low-end handsets that do not run Windows Phone. These are devices that are specifically developed for emerging markets, and will continue to use the Nokia branding.

Tuula Rytilä, Senior Vice President of Marketing for Phones at Microsoft said:

“This is of course a natural progression as all devices that once came from Nokia now come from Microsoft. Microsoft remains committed to bringing amazing Lumia experiences with a strong portfolio of phones that offer something for everyone.”

Microsoft will continue to honor warranties and offers the care services as before, though, so nothing major changes other than the branding. You’ll just see the above logo on the back of new smartphones from the company from now on.

Microsoft Lumia Branding

Important change from Microsoft, this, in what is a show of strength from the company to embellish it logo on the back of smartphones from now on.

Logical, some would say, but here’s hoping that it’s marketed right.

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