That’s the way to do it. The Office division is fast becoming the most important cornerstone for Microsoft, and the cloud powered Office 365, the absolute highlight.

No wonder, then, that the company continues to enhance the product regularly, as it tries to bring more users onboard. And while in the past Redmond offered access to Office 365 free of charge to educational institutions via a number of promotional campaigns, this policy is now in overdrive.

Thanks to the Student Advantage program, the cloud based productivity suite is now available free of charge to students if their school districts have a Professional Plus subscription.

As Microsoft so aptly illustrates in this blog post:

“Students can install and use all of the Microsoft Office tools on up-to-five personal devices. That’s Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher, Access, Lync and so much more. These are not watered down, lite editions. These are not simple document readers.

These are the real deal Office apps that students need proficiency to be college and career-ready. Also, if your students need assistive technologies, Microsoft Office provides the most robust support for learners with special needs.”

Introduced in October 2013, the Student Advantage program is available in the United States and a few other countries around the world, providing students with unlimited access to Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other such applications.

Complete details about the Student Advantage program are available here.

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    Smart move. The reputation to the younger kids is super important for Microsoft to get. This promotion to the students is a great one. Well done!