News floated up a week or so back that Redmond was looking at a number of security improvements and encrypt its network and Internet traffic to block any potential spying programs from either the United States or other governments.

The report said that just like Google, Microsoft was looking to employ advanced encryption techniques. And now the software titan has confirmed in a statement that it is indeed taking some major steps to expand the encryption across its products and services.

In fact, it goes on to call government spying programs an advanced persistent threat, alongside sophisticated malware and attacks from cybercriminals.

The familiar old Brad Smith, general counsel & executive vice president, Legal & Corporate Affairs at Microsoft talked about this in a blog post, and without mentioning NSA specifically said that there has been no evidence that government engineers have infiltrated Microsoft servers to access user data:

“While we have no direct evidence that customer data has been breached by unauthorized government access, we don’t want to take any chances and are addressing this issue head on. Therefore, we will pursue a comprehensive engineering effort to strengthen the encryption of customer data across our networks and services.”

Microsoft plans to make the move to 2048-bit encryption (near impossible to crack), and hopes to have the new system in place sometimes near the end of 2014.

The company has already implemented enhanced encryption in smaller capacity for Office 365, and has confirmed that any and all user data moving between customers and servers will be encrypted by default to block any potential spying.

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  • WillyThePooh

    If there is a way to 100% safeguard our computers, then there won’t be any hackers I tis world. If a hacker can hack into your computer and steal your data, then the US government can do it too if she wants to. Depends only if she is interested in the porns in your computer. But I guess not. But a lot of people do think their personal info is so important that their government would want to peek.