Miramar. Although Microsoft is yet to confirm it in any capacity, that is the name (or codename) of Office for iPad. Which, according to most reports, is what the company is ready to unveil at a press conference in San Francisco tomorrow.

But the company has actually labeled this special event as “the intersection of cloud and mobile computing”. A mouthful, true, but sounds engagingly interesting nevertheless.

More details have now floated up about what the software titan is planning here.

This report over at ZDNet, citing unnamed sources, says that Microsoft will introduce what is being called the Enterprise Mobility Suite on Thursday. This is said to be a way for businesses to manage their iOS, Android and Windows devices from one central outlet.

Businesses, or well, medium and large enterprises, really.

The suite will come with Windows Intune along with a premium version of Microsoft Azure Active Directory and Azure Rights Management Services — they really weren’t kidding when they called it the intersection of cloud and mobile computing, were they?

It all makes sense now. Provided this new report is true. Which it probably is.

Anyway, the press conference is set to begin 10 AM Pacific Time (1 PM Eastern), and Microsoft will live stream the event from its website. The new CEO, Satya Nadella, is attending, and on track to make his first public appearance at what promises to be an illustrious event.

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  1. Big news for the company and iPad owners! I hope this is announced tomorrow. I’ll definitely check back tomorrow and see if this is official! 🙂

    • I’m sure Apple is ecstatic to have this available on their device. It keeps the customers happy for a little bit longer, but they better hope office works flawlessly when it comes out.

  2. I’m off from work tomorrow. I may try to stream this press conference live to see if this announcement comes to fruition!

  3. If the CEO is attending, they definitely think this is going to be big news, so I’m certainly going to be keeping my eye on it. I will be all over this tomorrow as I’m sure you guys will be as well.

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