According to an article written on TechCrunch, Microsoft might be making a stripped-down version of the Xbox for media and casual games. It’ll run on a stripped-down version of Windows 8 and be an instant on device.

This makes a lot of sense because even though a lot of new TV’s have these options built in, they can be clunky and slow.

An Xbox media center would compete with other set-top boxes and the good thing is the Xbox 360 is already the most popular media box out there.

I know a few people that already have an Xbox (or know someone who has an Xbox) and they would probably buy one (or more if the price is right) in a second for other TV’s in their house.

Since it’s based on Windows 8, it’s that uniform look which is also good because it gets people used to the live tile interface so it’s on their minds when they go to buy a new tablet, phone or computer.

Microsoft is definitely doing something interesting here.

This makes me wonder what other products they can come up with. Maybe make their own TV that runs on Windows 8? You can use certain Windows 8 apps like Skype, maybe it could have Kinect built in for family casual games.

Or even have an Xbox built into it or a full computer so you can have a 55” all in one unit?

The thing I don’t like about all in one units though is that if one thing breaks you’re out a TV and a console unless they make it modular so you can take out the Xbox from the back of the TV and still get basic TV functions?

What do you think?

Is a Microsoft Xbox Media Console a good idea?

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