What’s in a name, you say? The technology industry is notoriously flirtatious when it comes to product names and codenames, and even model numbers. Just take a look at the inventory list of any PC hardware maker, and you will get the drift.

Now, many have marked the upcoming refresh of Windows 8.1 as Update 1.

While Redmond has referred to it as the Spring 2014 Update in the very recent past, a leaked document shows that the company has prepared a different official designation for this update that is set to bring a major set of improvements to its flagship operating platform.

Microsoft, it seems, is calling this just “Windows 8.1 Update” — no signs of Windows 8.1 Update 1, Spring Update, Feature Pack, Service Pack, or even the more adventurous Windows 8.2.

Now while this chosen designation is not by any means surprising (or well, official), it does hint that this might be the only major update that Windows 8.1 will get. The software titan will probably go straight to its next full operating system version, which many believe is Windows 9.

As is usually the case, the company is not willing to comment on these third party reports, but more information is expected in the coming weeks as we inch closer to the April unveil.

So what about you fine folks? Ready to move straight to Windows 8.1 Update?

Or would you have preferred a fancier name? Let there be comments!

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  1. Daryl Thomas Kane / March 6, 2014 at 7:10 am /Reply

    Windows 8.1.1 simple with real start menu because it’s boots in desktop but when u click and start it’s goes into modern ui and to be fair u have now 3 different os just for tablets only if that’s the case am still going to stick with windows 7 until they get it right unless your rich and can afford a touch screen monitor for about £200-300 it’s not worth it and for people that’s makes the start menu it’s not the same thing this os as to target desktops if not they will loose so much money and for the record there is a lot of people that does not work either so please get it right this time

    • So, what do people use the start menu for? I’m on a Windows 7 system at work, and I almost never use it other than having “My Documents” set to display as a list. What do people use it heavily for? I haven’t used XP in so long, so I don’t remember how I used it on XP, but I’ve barely used it since I moved to 7 about 4 years ago. What are people doing that cause them to use start menu for the majority of their clicks?

  2. Well, I’m fine with whatever they call it. I’m just ready to play around with the update. Honestly, 8.1 is perfectly fine, but the power button, context menu, and search box will be welcome additions. There probably isn’t a need for the search box, since you can just start typing in Windows 8.1, but the most important thing is obviousness. Most people are just too lazy and too set in their ways to try to learn something new. Having any obvious way to do things is the only way to get people to give it a try. Honestly, when I first say down with Windows 8 I didn’t know how to shut down, log off, see every installed program, or do a search in Metro. I just stumbled on these things. They’re kind of obvious in Windows 7, so most people want them simple in Windows 8.x, even the ones who claim to be so advanced and technical. All the changes they’re making in Update 1, and the changes they’re making in Windows 9. If people are still complaining, they were going to complain anyway

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