Microsoft Windows Phone 8 seems to be doing quite well so far, this is doubly true for the Nokia Lumia 920. I also suspect the new budget-oriented Lumia 620 will also find quite a bit of support among entry Windows Phone 8 users.

The transformation has been pretty dramatic. Windows Phone 7 was always a decent OS, but never managed to fully appeal to that many consumers. Part of it might have been timing, part of it is the strong marketing relationship between Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8. Either way, people are truly starting to take notice of Windows Phone.

Now it seems that IDC has released a report that suggests this initial success for Windows Phone 8 is going to keep continuing into the long-term. By 2016, IDC claims that Microsoft will have an 11.6 percent share of the smartphone market. Sure, that’s not as massive as Android or iOS, but it is a huge jump over the current 2.6 percent that Microsoft currently enjoys.

Windows Phone 8 seems ready to solidify Microsoft’s place as a strong third party contender, which is great news. Microsoft has started pushing Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 as a unified experience, and because of this, if one does well, likely the other will as well.

With IDC’s predictions for 2016, what other big movements in the mobile world do they believe is coming? For Android, IDC believes their share will shrink from 68.3 percent down to 63.8– not a huge move but still a decrease. As for Blackberry, the company believes it will stay about the same, around 4 ½ percent. IDC also sees only minor growth for iOS, going from 18.8 percent to 19.1.

The big change for IDC is that Nokia and HTC have made major strides in the Windows Phone 8 world in such a short time. As other partners like Samsung, ZTE and Huawei arrive, this trend of Windows Phone 8 growth will expand even further.
Based on what you are seeing with Windows Phone 8 so far, do you think that IDC is pretty close to being right on the money? If not, do you think the percentage of Windows Phone share will be more or less?

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