Microsoft recently released the latest version of its Office productivity suite, and one thing you may be wondering is the fact that most of the software programs in the suite still run on the desktop user interface of both Windows 8 and Windows RT.

Only two Office applications are currently available as full Windows 8 and Windows RT apps — OneNote and Lync. And both have been very well received.

But according to Microsoft, the full suite is something that is in the pipeline.

Microsoft’s vice president of Office program management, P.J. Hough in a recent interview with Mashable confirmed the company’s commitment of delivering the full Office experience on Windows 8:

“We’ve gotten a lot of experience from OneNote and Lync, and we’re going to continue down that path … How do you integrate with the new features of the operating system — the charms, for example?

How do you take advantage of the new navigation? What do you do differently if you presume cloud-backed storage first? We’ve added a lot of those capabilities to Office, but we decided not to rush and just jam something in.”

All are very valid considerations, indeed.

Redmond will have to balance out the interface of the Office programs to provide for a smooth touch experience without sacrificing efficiency — easier said than done. The last thing the company needs is to alienate

But while it is safe to say Microsoft will launch a native Modern UI version of its Office Suite (particularly Word, Excel and PowerPoint) sometimes in the future, the big question remains when? I am not a betting man, but it seems like it will be quite some time before it does.

And by then it is safe to wager that the Metro (or Modern, if you will) UI will have evolved quite a bit.

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  1. Another big question is WHY? Office should be for desktop. There’s already office 365 for touchscreens.

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