Windows 8, along with Windows Phone, brought around a clean new modern style for Microsoft. Since then the technology titan has been busy updating the user interface of all its products to get them in line with this new design philosophy.

What this means is that visual improvements to several Microsoft products and services are regularly announced. And today is no different — this time around, the company has revealed that it has updated the Bing News page.

The new design features a modern layout built from the grounds up for touch. It also seeks and displays trending topics from Facebook, Twitter, Bing and related people, meaning users of the service are sure to be kept up to date with the latest news and happenings from across the web.

The company explained the redesign in a blog post:

“At the top of the Bing News page, you can easily browse the latest headlines with the news carousel showcasing the latest trending topics in categories including US, world, local, entertainment, sports, politics, and more.

If you search for a celebrity or politician who is making headlines, the recent news topics about that person will also be showcased in the carousel. On the right side of the page, you will see what news is trending on Facebook and Twitter based on popular likes and tweets.”

In simpler terms, the overall layout and color scheme is now in line with the Metro design philosophy, instead of a simple web based layout. More importantly, however, this makeover is an adaptive design, which makes it perfect for all sorts of devices like tablets, phones or the good old PCs.

As of right now, the update is slowly being rolled out to users. If the update notification is not already there at your end, you check again in a few hours.

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