Microsoft aims big for its mobile platform next year, with initiatives like new Lumia phones, dropping of the Nokia brand, the merger of the OS with Windows RT, and development of Windows Phone 10.

The company is serious about the mobile business, even more so than before.

And while the platform lags behind rivals iOS and Android in terms of market share, some new numbers provided by Redmond reveal that Windows Phone is selling well — improved figures are not far behind, if this keeps up.

At a recent event in Germany, Microsoft revealed that users have, up until now, purchased and activated more than 50 million Lumia phones.

It does not tell too much about the market performance of the platform, but it does show that even in this early a stage, the mobile OS has momentum on its side. With dozens of new hardware partners having released their solutions over the past few months, this metric will surely rise.

Microsoft also confirmed that there are 560,000 Windows Phone developers.

But apparently not everyone has gotten around creating their apps, as the total app count on the Windows Phone Store is around 350,000. Uncanny, but it does represent an increase of 30,000 applications than what was recorded in August.

Add two and two together, and we might be in for a very busy 2015.

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