Apple is kicking off its Worldwide Developers Conference next week with the unveiling of its cloud-based service, iCloud.

On June 6, a keynote address will reveal the details before a packed house at the WWDC in San Francisco.

In addition to iCloud, Apple said it will detail its next-generation desktop operating system, Mac OS X Lion, as well as iOS 5, the next version of the mobile operating system running on its iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

The company also indicated in today’s press release that CEO Steve Jobs, who is on an indefinite medical leave, will be on hand for the announcement.

In late April, blog GigaOm unearthed that Apple had snapped up the domain from cloud services company Xcerion, which has since rebranded its service “CloudMe” and now redirects to while telling users to change their bookmarks.

That deal was reported at $4.5 million, however that amount remains unconfirmed.

[insert sick why didn’t I buy that domain name feeling here]

What still remains largely unknown is how iCloud will work, how it will fit in with Apple’s existing software and services, and how much it will cost.

There have been quite a few details on who’s involved in Apple’s cloud efforts, from music labels to movie studios, but the rest is under wraps.

I have written about Apple and how their move to the cloud could be the beginning of troubles for Microsoft.

Keep watching this space to see how this all works and why Microsoft should probably be concerned.

Windows and it’s dominance in the computer space could vanish over time with the right moves from Apple.

Don’t believe me? Remember the Yahoo Search engine?

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  • xinu

    I dont think microsoft will vanish over night, however apple are June 6th will be a very exciting day for geeks all around the world. Its also being rumored that ICloud services could come for free for users who upgrade to Mac OSX Lion. (more on We can definately expect some interesting things to be announced on June 6th, and Microsoft better be listening and start working on a competing products if they want to stay in the game.