But they said the same last month! Microsoft’s final transaction for taking over Nokia’s devices and services businesses has dragged for quite a while now, but it appears the final signature is set for April.

Nokia have sent a letter to customers confirming that the deal will be finalized this month.

First emerging at this site, you can take a look at the official communique here. But either way the closing of this deal will signal new direction for both companies, Microsoft, and whatever remains of Nokia after the acquisition.

Redmond will have control of the devices and services unit, and some 32 thousand employees, out of which Stephen Elop remains an important figure — he will be taking charge of his duties at Microsoft.

The Finnish telecom titan will be looking to stabilize and expand its remaining assets, including a very valuable patents portfolio that it actively licenses to other technology companies.

And then there is the case of Windows Phone proper and the Nokia X line of Android device.

Microsoft will soon become the majority owner of the Windows Phone market, some 90 percent of the ecosystem, and will have to make a lot of moves to not only protect but expand the Windows Phone brand. Early steps in this regard have been taken, with new hardware partners signing up.

But the Nokia X lineup of budget smartphones is another matter.

Be interesting to see where it ends up.

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