When it comes to Windows 8 apps, there is really only one way to get the job done, a PC and some development tools. At least that was the only way, but things change and Microsoft has now released a second solution.

The new method is the use of a browser-based TouchDevelop app. This web app is an offshoot of the existing Windows Phone version. According to Microsoft’s blog, they have been eyeing a version for Windows 8 and tablets for some time now.

In order to get to business, you will need to log in via Facebook, Google account or Windows Live account. From there you can access the TouchDevelop Web app page and read up on various tutorial videos that show how to make Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 apps.

The new interface is designed with Windows tablet users in mind, but it will also play nicely with keyboard and mouse. The interface is clearly inspired by Metro and seems intuitive enough.

From the sounds of it, Microsoft is trying to win over and inspire new developers. The web app is designed in an open and friendly way and encourages users to chat with other would-be developers through a forum tool.

I’ve yet to play around with the new tool (though I certainly intend to) and so I can’t say for sure how much programming know-how you’ll need to get started with this. If you have basic programming knowledge and the desire to learn, you can probably at least jump and play around though.

Either way, this is a great idea and a good way for newer developers to jump in, start playing around and learn how to make great apps. What do you think of Microsoft’s new web app tool?

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  • voleheart

    i tried it with no experience at all and feel a bit overwhelmed. it looks nice and i hope to learn! do you know any code for making a website an app?