Along with hundreds of apps every day, Microsoft is continually adding new features to its flagship app store. Case in point this simple but highly useful feature.

The company has not officially announced it yet, and the feature is not available for users in all countries, but it is being reported that Windows 8 Store has got a new category called “Top Paid”.

As reported by, this new category is already available for users in the United Kingdom, but all Windows 8 devices should be able to see it soon.

Interestingly, Angry Birds Star Wars is the number one paid application for the platform, followed by the Angry Birds Space game. Apps like Pin Stream (which lets users pin their Steam games on the Windows 8 Start Screen) and Reckless Racing Ultimate round up the top four slots.

This list above is obviously UK centric, and each market will get its own unique collection of “Top Paid” apps, just like on other competing app stores.

Latest estimates put the total app count at more than 27,000, with a sustained pace of over 500 new apps that show up every day in the Windows Store.

Naturally, a lot of them are quick and ugly (literally and figuratively) applications with the intent of making a quick buck. And for better or for worse (mostly worse) reports have suggested that a lot of duplicate apps have also found their way in the Windows Store.

But things like these should take care of themselves with time.

Apple’s App Store also faced a plethora of low quality applications at the very start, with simple and bland applications being littered everywhere.

But quality (as in excellent apps) soon rose to the top.

It always does.

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  • Jack Sparrow

    Just wait till Android and Apple fanbois coming along and saying Microsoft copied this feature from their marketplaces.