Released late last year, the Surface Pro 2 is not just an excellent tablet, it iss by far the finest device put up by Microsoft in quite a while. The second generation unit rounds up several issues present in the original Surface Pro.

And now the technology titan has launched a special promotion for graduates, providing them with an opportunity to buy a Surface Pro 2 with both a 10 percent discount and $100 off.

All they have to do is enter the coupon code “Graduation” at the checkout screen.

This is a limited time discount, mind you, only for teachers and students. The accompanying fine print makes it clear that Microsoft reserves the right to charge your credit card the difference, or invoice you the extra amount in cash, in case you are not eligible for the discount.

But if you are, then this promotion brings down the price of the 64GB Surface Pro 2 from $899 to just $709. The 128GB variant goes down to $799.10 from $999, while the 256GB model can now be yours for the sweet amount of $1,069.10 from $1m299.

The epic 512GB flavor comes down to a much more manageable $1,519.10 from $1,799.

The Surface Pro 2 comes with a full HD 10.6-inch screen, along with the latest Intel processors. The amount of RAM comes in at either 4GB or 8GB, depending on the configuration chosen.

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  • Jason Claven

    How does this compare with iPad prices? I love this promotion and think it’s a good one, but college students and most of the younger generation prefers apple at this point. I just hope this promotion isn’t targeted at the wrong demographic.

    • WillyThePooh

      Don’t even need to compare this with iPad because they are different. Compare iPad with Surface 2 instead.

  • Elaine1

    $1,000 for a tablet is too much money for a tablet in my view. I guess if you’re buying it as a computer it makes sense, but not for me. Either way, nice promotion for students/teachers.

    • WillyThePooh

      To you, probably expensive. But I know some of my college friends bought $700+ phone without thinking. For them, then $700+ a tablet/computer is not that big a deal.

  • Lars

    Decent offer if you apply. Jason made a good point though that the Surface may not meet the student section of their demographic. Also, spelling error on “is” on first line. Just a heads up!