Microsoft Office 16 Preview Could Be Here Anytime Now

Microsoft Office 16 Preview

Another test version from Redmond is ready to go live. According to some very reliable sources, work on Microsoft Office 16 Preview is almost finalized, and a public preview is incoming.

The most prominent of these is regular Microsoft watcher Mary Jo Foley, who writes that the company is gearing up to release the preview version of the office productivity suite to give users a chance to test drive this next flavor of Office.

Obviously, nothing in terms of confirmation from the company itself.

And while we do know that the software titan is working on Office 16, along with touch optimized versions for Android and Windows, Microsoft now seems ready to collect some feedback from users.

Word is (pardon the pun) that partners have already received some early test builds of Office 16, and although Redmond still wants to keep its cloak of secrecy on, we did get a fair amount of details and screenshots not too long ago.

The most visible change is the inclusion of a dark theme in Office 16.

Along with this, the company is also working on expanding the help functionality of the next version of Office, in the form of a new assistant — a precursor to Cortana integration, one may say?

Release date is still set for some time in 2015, although there were some very early indications that we may be getting the next full version of Office this year.

But expect more news on this in the coming weeks, as we inch closer to the preview release.

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  • Mike Greenway

    Thanks, Mary Jo.

  • Black Eagle

    Yes. Finally. I will be downloading it.