Microsoft Office 2013 details are expected today

Later today, Microsoft are expected to show us a little of their upcoming release of Microsoft Office.

Office 15 or Microsoft Office 2013 will probably be released sometime next year and this is the first official preview of it from Microsoft.

I’m looking for 3 things in any upcoming announcement:

  • Cloud Integration
  • Touchscreen compatibility
  • Windows 8 integration or hooks

This is going to be interesting to watch because Microsoft Office 2010 seems fine to me. I’m wondering if we’ll get a real tangible reason to switch.

Stay tuned…

  • Michael

    Yeah, I am still using Office 2007, and although I have used 2010 and think it is OK, I just don’t see any compelling reason to buy it..

  • William

    If only for those features you listed, then it’s not worth to upgrade. However, if I bought a new Win8 tablet, then I may need the office 2013 specially designed for my touch screen.