Getting rather ridiculous now, this. Chinese government officials have once again raided Microsoft offices across the country, as part of their investigation into alleged antitrust violations.

When and how this will end is still one big mystery.

But the investigations started in an eccentric fashion last week, with news that the government stormed four Microsoft offices in various locations. And while a company spokesperson assured active cooperation with the probe, it did not stop the Chinese government from issuing a warning of sorts.

The latest is that the local regulatory agency, State Administration for Industry and Commerce (SAIC) has carried out a new wave of raids on Microsoft offices in four cities.

Beijing, again, as well as Liaoning, Fujian and Hubei.

Offices of a local IT consultancy firm Accenture were also targeted. This institution handles some of Redmond’s financial work in the country. A statement from Accenture Greater China:

“We can confirm that, as required by Chinese laws, we are cooperating with investigators of the SAIC and are helping provide them with certain information related to one of our clients.”

Microsoft, once again, echoed its commitment to cooperate with the probe, with a spokesperson stating that the software titan is serious about complying with the laws and regulations of the country.

Still, the fact is that this whole situation has now become quite alarming.

This is, when you take into account the full picture that China has very recently banned Microsoft operating systems, Apple hardware, and security software from vendors like Symantec and Kaspersky from official use.

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  • WillyThePooh

    Before, the ban is due to national security. This time is to warn US software industry not too aggressive in China market and to protect its own software industry. I think they hope one day, they will have their own set of software and hardware to use.
    You need to stand besides the Chinese government in order to make their action look logical.

  • DigitalSyrup

    I wonder how this will affect the XBOX ONE launch in China this fall?