Microsoft Officially Announces Spring Update For Windows 8.1

Boy, Microsoft sure selected a hell of a time to officially announce Windows 8.1 Update 1. The company made an appearance at the Mobile World Congress, confirming that it is working on the upgrade.

An upgrade that will bring improvements to the OS on both touch and traditional devices.

Redmond’s head of the devices unit, Joe Belfiore, explained during his keynote that the company plans to make it easier to launch apps from the taskbar — as we have seen from the various Windows 8.1 Update 1 test builds that have leaked over the past few weeks.

At the same time, as The Verge reports, the upcoming upgrade will bring improvements for the desktop side of the operating system too:

“Some of those touch affordances weren’t really tuned as well as we could do for those mouse and keyboard users. We found people weren’t aware of where they should look in the UI. Those are the things we’ve really started to improve for this update coming this spring.”

Hints, plain hints, and not some concrete information about the upgrade like when it will be released, but we’ll take whatever comes our way in this official capacity.

Most signs point towards the upcoming BUILD 2014 developer conference, as the event where we will get our first real introduction to the new operating system version, which will obviously be offered free of charge to all Windows 8.1 users, desktop and tablet.